As from January 1st 2014 The Maleny Show Society will require a horse health declaration to be completed by each person bringing a horse to the Maleny Indoor Arena EVERY TRIP. The purpose of this is to ensure that you are aware of your horses state of health on that day and for the three days prior to that day. It will also enable the DPI to trace potential carriers of disease in the event of an outbreak of any kind.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Christine Mumford still has a couple of dozen, red MEGs polo shirts for sale, as modeled here by the lovely Stephanie. They wear very well and are perfect to ride in as they’re cut to tuck into jeans or jodphurs. Fitted shape; ladies only; variety of sizes still available $15 each! Please contact Christine on  5494 2091.

5 Responses to MEGs NEWS.

  1. Sonya Hopper says:

    ps good website. the logo is great.

  2. Gayle Johnson says:

    Hi Gillian
    So sorry to have missed the meeting, i will make sure i make the next, with some treats..Great site, job well done

    • Gillian says:

      Cheers Gail. We missed your passionfruit slice! There’s a MEGs Christmas barbi / working bee on the 11th of December.

  3. Sonya Hopper says:

    A girth was left at the arena early December. It looks quite new. Please leave a note here if you think it is yours or if you know who might own it. Cheers.

  4. Sally Keyes says:

    MEGS AGM is rescheduled for 7.30 Thursday 30th August. Hope to see you there. Sally

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