• Rules of use of the Maleny Equestrian Centre.
  • Arena rules of etiquette (as detailed below) must be understood and adhered to by members.
  •  Individuals use this facility at their own risk.
  • Unmounted children under ten, are not to be in the arena.
  • A Horse Health Declaration must be completed by every person taking a horse to the Maleny Showgrounds EVERY time. The Declaration must be posted into the box at the shed beside the arena.
  • All equipment to be removed from the arena after use.
  • Use of Pony Club equipment is for Maleny Pony Club members ONLY.
  • Arena and immediate equestrian area must be kept clean. i.e. Remove all manure after use and place in bins provided.
  • Horses are not to be tied up to the arena structure. Horses are to be safely tied to the tying rails provided. No string to be tied in the arena where it may catch on a rider or horse.
  • Horses must be under effective and safe control at all times.
  • Be aware of the effect of your horses behavior, your voice, your whip etc on your fellow riders.
  • Riders, coaches and observers are to treat one another with courtesy and common sense at all times.
  • All facility users are responsible for their own safety equipment.
  • NO feeding of animals inside the arena.
  • NO glass to be taken into the arena.
  • NO driving of pegs into the arena surface.
  • NO dogs in the arena.
  • No smoking in the arena.
  • Other than plastic cones, the use of solid equipment in the arena (e.g. Jumps, mechanical cows) requires an exclusive booking and payment of appropriate fee. This is to ensure the safety of members.
  • Please note that the arena may be closed between the hours of 7 and 8am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for maintenance work to be carried out. Col (groundsman) is happy to groom the surface at any time providing prior notice is given for use of the arena, early in the day.
  • 1. Safety is paramount and a collision should be avoided at all times.
  • 2. Before entering the warm-up area make sure the gateway and immediate track are clear
  • 3. Riders should pass left shoulder to left shoulder when on the track
  • 4. When not on the outside track, eg on a diagonal line, riders should give way to horses on their left
  • 5. The more progressive gait has priority on the track
  • 6. Halt should not be on the track
  • 7. Walk should not be on the track and does not have right of way
  • 8. Trot has priority over the walk
  • 9. Canter has priority over the trot
  • 10. Lateral work has priority over ALL paces
  • 11. When circling, anticipate your return to the track so as to not stop the flow of other riders
  • 12. Mounting, dismounting and gear adjustment should be done off the track
  • 13. Riders, coaches and observers are to treat one another with courtesy and common sense at all times.


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